Midstream Products

Measurement products, storage tanks, gun barrel tanks, ASME pressure vessels for separation, drying, and filtering gas, pig launchers and receivers, piping, and other steel fabricated products are right up our alley.

Located in central West Virginia places E & H right in the heart of a great deal of midstream infrastructure projects in process and/or proposed in the Appalachian Basin. We are currently equipped to build many of the products needed and are expanding to handle more.

With a new 12,000 square foot building going up, along with a 25 ton overhead crane with 32’ under hook, we will soon be able to address larger jobs. Once completed, we will be able to build larger and heavier vessels for higher pressures, and larger tanks including 400 barrel tanks.

We have been ASME certified since 1992 and are currently in the process of obtaining our API and ISO certifications. We have been actively providing equipment for the oilfield for over 40 years and are positioning ourselves to continue for many more.

We will be glad to submit required documentation to be included on your vendor list. We look forward to being one of the people you go to for your equipment needs or for solutions to your problems. Feel free to email or call us and thank you for considering us.