ASME Pressure Vessels

E & H received authority from ASME for new vessel manufacturing and permission from the National Board to register these vessels in 1992 in order to meet customer needs. Since then we have built and registered several thousand vessels ranging in size from 4” to 48” diameter in pressures ranging from 100# to 1000#.

New building construction, new welding equipment, and a new set of rolls for making vessel shells, all going into service by Spring of 2016, will allow us to greatly expand the size and pressure ratings of the vessels we can provide. The needs of our customers have changed and we must change with them.

Some of our standard vessels include manual and positive shut off pipeline drips, vertical mini and full size separators, scrubbers, desiccant dryers, coalescing filters, pressure lock relief vessels, frac flowback vessels, etc.

Our vessels have been used in a variety of industries and include a number of custom vessels built to our customer’s specifications, or designed specifically with our customer’s needs in mind. We love nothing more than applying the experience gained amongst the officers of E & H from over 85 combined years in steel fabrication. Our reward is an end product that solves our customer’s problems and increases the efficiency of their operation.

Feel free to challenge us with your problems by emailing or calling us. We look forward to becoming a valuable source of vessels to you.