ASME Pressure Vessels

Are you an ASME Shop?

Yes. E&H has a “U” Stamp authorizing us to build Section VIII, Div. 1 pressure vessels.

Can you repair an ASME Vessel?

Yes. E&H has its “R” Stamp authorizing us to repair and/or alter ASME Vessels.

Can you register vessels with the National Board of Boiler & Pressure Vessel Inspectors?

Yes. We have our Certificate of Authorization to register vessels with The National Board.

How long has E&H been an ASME Code shop?

E&H’s first authorization was date August 17, 1992.

How many “Code” vessels has E&H built?

E&H has built over 8,200 Code vessels as of 1/1/20 and many non-code vessels as well.

What is the difference between a Code vessel and a non-code vessel?

The nameplate and inspections. Our Q.C. Manager inspects, hydro-tests, and certifies every code and non-code vessel we build. On code vessels, we also hire a third-party inspector to check fit up and hydro.

For what ASME approved agency does your third-party inspector work?

The Hartford Steam Boiler Inspection & Insurance Company.

Is your vessel manufacturing governed and monitored by an up to date Quality Control Manual?

Yes. As per ASME Code requirements.

What pressure vessels do you typically keep in stock?

E&H provides a variety of standard oilfield pressure vessels including, separators, manual drips, positive shut-off drips, desiccant dryers, methanol drip bottles, etc.

Can you build custom pressure vessels?

Yes. We can build custom vessels to customer’s specifications to meet their specific needs.

Do you offer quantity discount pricing?

We always strive to offer our customers the best pricing possible. On larger quantities, we can often pass savings from bulk material purchases on to our customer.

Does E&H deliver pressure vessels?

Yes. We have our own trucks and can deliver most of the pressure vessels we build.

What is your freight rate?

Our current freight rate when delivering our products is $80.00/hour round trip, plus trip/oversize permits if required, and per diem charges on overnight hauls.

Do your prices include delivery?

If a delivery point is specified, we can quote delivered prices.

Can E&H customers pick up purchased items at your plant location?

Yes. We can provide pricing based on setting your purchase on the bed of your truck or your contractor’s truck.