Steel Tanks

What size tanks do you build for the oil and gas industry?

Our standard vertical oilfield tanks include: 10, 30, 50, 100, 140, 210, 250 and 400-barrel tanks.

What are the options for your oilfield storage tanks?

API or customer specified fitting connections, 20” bolted cleanout, 8” Clay and Bailey Thief Hatch, heat tubes and others as shown on our website.

What tank accessories do you offer?

For 100 BBL and larger tanks we offer bolt on ladders as well as Stairways, 2’ x 3’ Platforms, and 2’ x 16’ Catwalks complete with rails and brackets.

Do your tanks come with a top coat of paint?

All of our equipment typically includes a primer coated exterior. A top coat paint can be quoted on request.

Are your tanks internally coated?

A third-party internal tank coating can be quoted on request.

Are your tanks in stock?

E&H stocks some of the more commonly used standard oilfield tanks. (10 BBL thru 210 BBL.)

Do you sell direct to the producer?

Standard Oilfield Production Equipment installed on well sites is sold through the existing network of oilfield supply stores. Other items can be sold direct.

What pressure rating are your oilfield storage tanks built to stand?

Our oilfield storage tanks are built for atmospheric pressure. They are not built to hold pressure. (If you need a pressure vessel, please ask us about our ASME pressure vessels.)

Do you build frac tanks?

Yes. We build both horizontal and vertical skidded frac tanks to customer specs.

Does E&H deliver tanks direct to the customer?

Yes. We have our own trucks and can haul most tanks up to ten feet in diameter to supply stores, customer yards, or well sites where towing is not needed. Third party haulers are used for tanks larger than 10’ diameter.

What is your freight rate?

Our current freight rate when delivering our products is $80.00/hour round trip, plus trip/oversize permits if required and per-diem charges on overnight hauls.

Do your prices include delivery?

If a delivery point is specified, we can quote delivered prices.

Can E&H customers pick up purchased items at your plant location?

Yes. We can provide pricing based on setting your purchase on the bed of your truck or your contractor’s truck.

What are your payment terms?

With approved credit, E&H offers NET 30 terms on items sold direct, and 2% 10, net 30 terms on items sold to supply stores.

Do you take credit card payments?

Yes. We can email our customer an invoice via PayPal. The customer simply clicks on the payment link within the email to pay with their credit card.