Timber Bridges

How wide of a span can your bridges cross?

Since our bridges require 5’ of load bearing surface on each end, our 30’ bridge (TB-30) spans up to 20’, and our 40’ bridge (TB-40) spans up to 30’.

What is needed to create a “load bearing surface”?

A level place for each end of the bridge to sit on. Can be earthen, rock, gabion baskets, timbers, concrete, etc.

How wide are your bridges?

Our bridges come in 2 parts, each 6-foot-wide panels that bolt together to make a 12-foot-wide bridge.

Does your bridge price include both 6-foot-wide panels?

Yes. Pricing includes all materials necessary for installation on your prepared site.

What is the weight limit on your bridges?

Both designs (TB-30 and TB-40) are pre-engineered for an 80,000-pound load (40 tons).

Does E&H deliver its Timber Bridges?

E&H does not deliver the bridges, but will be glad to set you up with a third-party contractor to do so.

How much do your timber bridges weigh?

The calculated weight of one of the two panels in our TB-30 is 8,200 pounds. A complete TB-30 with both panels, bumper guards and hardware weighs 17,400 pounds. The calculated weight of one of the TB-40 panels is 10,900 pounds. A complete TB-40 with both panels, bumper guards and hardware is 23,000 pounds.

Does Bridge pricing include delivery and set up?

Quoted bridge prices are FOB our plant in Gandeeville, WV (zip code 25243).

What do you charge to install the bridge?

We do not install the bridges. Our bridge owner’s manual gives detailed installation instructions for easy installation by you or your contractor.

Can your Timber Bridges be use for permanent installation?

Yes. Our bridges are suitable for permanent installation.

Do you lease your bridges?

Yes. An advance payment is required for the first month, 30-day minimum rental, and the rental period is from the day we load your truck to the day you return the bridge to our yard in Gandeeville, WV (zip code 25243). If damage repair or excessive cleaning is needed, additional charges may apply.

Do you use treated lumber for your bridge decking?

Yes. We use #1 Grade lumber treated with CCA and kiln-dried after treatment.

Does the load rating on your bridges come from the steel channel encasing the wood?

No. The load rating is derived from the hydraulic compression process of the lumber used in the decking.

If the decking is the strength of the bridge, what is the steel channel encasing the decking panels for?

The steel channel serves to increase the ease of handling, preserves the integrity and allows for easy attachment of custom brackets, railings, etc.

What is needed for permanent installation?

Nothing more than a secure way to fasten the bridge down.