Oil & Natural Gas Equipment

E&H Manufacturing is your source for oil & natural gas equipment! We’ve been building equipment for the upstream sector of the oil and gas industry for years, providing the most complete selection of conventional surface production equipment in the Appalachian Basin.

New types of drilling have created a new excitement and a whole new selection of oil and gas equipment needs. Our eagerness to embrace new things puts nothing out of our reach, and we continue to strive to meet your needs. Let us know what we can do for you!

Here’s a summary of some products we currently offer:

Aboveground Storage Tanks and Accessories

Please check out the “Steel Tanks” tab on our home page to see what we have to offer.

Process / ASME Pressure Vessels

We’ve built thousands of pressure vessels of various types, including separators, manual and positive shut-off drips, desiccant dryers, coalescing filters, methanol drip bottles and more. Check out the “ASME Pressure Vessels” tab on our home page for further descriptions and details.

Measurement Equipment

The industry has measured natural gas for years with our AGA orifice meter tubes, three and five valve manifolds, meter houses, skid mounted rotary meter sets, and fully assembled meter stations. Click on this link to get a full description of our orifice meter station and its components.

In-line Heaters

Prevent gasoline freeze-ups with our 250,000 btu, 1,800# mawp, 6 pass 2” coils, 6” burner with 4” stack, skid mounted 20” diameter by 6-foot-long in-line natural gas heaters. Safety features include high temperature limit control, push button pilot igniter, shut-off for pilot failure, chokes on pilot and burner supply lines, and pressure gauges on the mail supply line, shut-off valve supply line, and the burner supply line. Click this link to see the Owner’s Manual.

Gas Production Units

One of our most popular products is our custom-made GPU. Standard units are available but you can also design your own. We manufacture and test all these products before mounting them on a steel skid, piping them together, and testing for leaks after assembly is completed. Motor valves, regulators, and other controls are added to your specifications. The end result is a compact, neat, fully assembled and tested unit ready to install. The labor savings and convenience can’t be beat!


We started building pumpjacks in 1975. Over the years we’ve sold hundreds. When low-priced imports became available in our area we made the decision to not cheapen our units and concentrate on the growth of our other products. We still have the knowledge and machinery to build jacks. If you want a domestically built jack that is made to last just let us know!

Midstream Products

Measurement products, storage tanks, gun barrel tanks, ASME pressure vessels for separation, drying, and filtering gas, pig launchers and receivers, piping, and other steel fabricated products are right up our alley.
Being in central West Virginia puts us right in the heart of the midstream infrastructure projects in the Appalachian Basin. We are currently equipped to build many of the products needed and are expanding to handle more.
With a new 12,000-square-foot building going up, along with a 25-ton overhead crane with 32’ under hook, we can handle larger jobs. We’ll be able to build larger and heavier vessels for higher pressures, and larger tanks including 400 barrel tanks.

We’ve been ASME certified since 1992. We’ve been supplying equipment for the oilfield for over 40 years and we will continue to for many more.

We’re happy to submit required documentation to be included on your vendor list. We look forward to filling your equipment needs and solving your problems. Just email or call us.

Photo of oil & natural gas equipment, with large oil pumps.