Steel Tanks

For more than 30 years we've been building steel oilfield storage tanks, steel water tanks, double walled tanks, containment tanks, frac tanks, chemical mixing tanks, gun barrel tanks, fuel tanks, vacuum tanks, skid mounted tanks, lined and/or painted tanks and more.

With the experience it takes to build such a diverse line of tanks, we can offer design assistance to help you get exactly what you want.

E & H Tank Specification Manual

We build to precise specifications to provide precision and quality-built steel tanks every time. Our Manual comes from many years of building above ground storage tanks, and includes a compilation of time tested methods proven by steel tank fabricators from all around. Please click here to see E & H’s Tank Specifications Manual – and you will understand how we can build a perfect tank every time.

Standard Oilfield Tanks

We offer a complete line of standard oilfield storage tanks from 10 bbl. to 400 bbl. Download our “Standard Oilfield Tanks” page for the volumes and dimensions of the standard tanks we offer. Materials used for these tanks can be reconfigured to provide other sizes as well. Custom sizes to address your needs can be designed and manufactured on an as needed basis.

Options and Accessories

Being a steel tank manufacturer for over three decades, we have had the opportunity to design and custom build many options and accessories, such as stairways and catwalks, to complement our tanks. Download our “Tank Options and Accessories” page for a short list of the most common adders to our tank orders.

Industrial Tanks

We are not just an oilfield tank manufacturer! We also build custom designed industrial tanks for a variety of applications. We have customers in the coal, timber, fluid handling, and contracting industries to name a few. Let us know what you need and we will be glad to help design a tank that will satisfy your needs in the most economic and efficient way possible.

Tank Gauges

Ever wonder how much your tank holds? We have prepared Tank Gauges for most of our standard size tanks. We can prepare them for other sizes as well. If you have an interest in a particular size let us know and we will get it to you.

RFQ's and Contact Info.

Feel free to contact us or Request a Quote form, so we can get to work satisfying your needs or solving your problems.

Photo of a worker putting together a steel tanks for above ground use, applying a finish sealant for the outside of the tank.