History of E&H Manufacturing

E&H’s story begins way back in 1975, when a strapping young buck – we’ll call him John – started building pumpjacks, oilfield tanks and separators for some local oil and gas producers.

He was very successful and developed a great reputation for quality products that were often over-engineered but would sure last a long time.
One of his customers – we’ll call him David – was using John’s equipment on some wells he was drilling in Wirt County, WV. He grew to respect John and recognized and appreciated the quality of the equipment he was getting from John.
When the drilling slowed down in the late 80’s due to economic conditions and tax law changes, John and David both knew they needed to make some changes. John would need to expand his market area, and David needed to find another activity in which he could stay engaged. With John’s manufacturing experience and pension for designing equipment and David’s knowledge of oil and gas operations in the field and network of contacts in the industry, they decided to join efforts.

In 1991, they formed E&H Manufacturing, Inc., opened a Charleston office and hired a young recent graduate of Glenville State College – we’ll call him Jeff – to help run the office.

By distributing certain equipment through supply stores, expanding into numerous other products and putting an outside salesman on the road to tell the E&H story, they are still making history and writing more chapters along the way. From the cinderblock garage where John started in 1975, to a plant in Leroy, WV with 64,000 square feet under roof with 25 ton overhead crane capacity, to a plant in Harmony, WV with 17,500 square feet under roof with 15 ton overhead crane capacity – not to mention room to expand at both plants – they have come a long way.
And all three of the characters who started this story are still there! With their three locations, E&H is ready and able to manufacture products for both the upstream and midstream sectors of the oilfield, as well as provide multiple other industries with their tank and pressure vessel needs.

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History of e&h manufacturing - photo of workers putting together steel tanks for above ground use, using a hydraulic lift and welding tools.