Frequently Asked Questions

Photo of a stress-laminated timber bridge being used to help large equipment to cross over a creek bed.
How wide of a span can your bridges cross?
What is needed to create a “load bearing surface”?
How wide are your bridges?
Image of a row of asme pressure vessels
Are you an ASME Shop?
Can you repair an ASME Vessel?
How long has E&H been an ASME Code shop?
Photo of a worker putting together a steel tanks for above ground use, applying a finish sealant for the outside of the tank.
What size tanks do you build for the oil and gas industry?
What are the options for your oilfield storage tanks?
What tank accessories do you offer?
Photo of oil & natural gas equipment, with large oil pumps.
Where and how do we purchase your equipment?
Does E&H manufacture meter runs/tubes?
Does E&H build AGA-approved meter runs?
Photo of front of a stress-laminated timber bridge
How does the sales process work?
How long does it take to get an order?
How far do you ship an order?