Oil & Gas Equipment FAQs

We will gladly work directly with you to be sure your needs are met. We sell everything direct unless it is oilfield surface production equipment which we sell through an oilfield supply store of your choice.

Yes. E&H manufactures orifice meter runs up to 12 Inches in diameter using either Orifice flange unions or Single or Dual chamber fittings.

There is no such thing as an AGA-approved meter run – only runs that are built to AGA-recommended specifications. E&H does build meter runs to AGA specifications.
Yes. These include cone meters, positive displacement meters, turbine meters, some types of Ultrasonic meters, thermal mass meters and Coriolis mass meters. E&H can help you determine the design and type of meter setting for your application.
E&H can come to your location for an evaluation of your needs, but we do not provide field services with a technician.
E&H can design and rate manufactured meter runs to whatever pressure the customer needs.
No. E&H can design the appropriate meter setting to fit your flow volumes and pressures.
Yes. E&H can build your control or regulator settings to your specifications or can design one to fulfill your needs and requirements.
Yes. E&H can build 2- and 3-phase separation equipment for removing free liquids. We also fabricate coalescing filters, particulate filters, desiccant dryers, drips, perk bottles, methanol bottles, knockout tanks and line heaters.
Our maximum crane capacity is 25 tons.
Yes. We have constructed a number of custom tanks, customer-designed and skid-mounted production units, fueling stations, stands and structural frames, bridges, buildings and regulator sets.