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E & H Manufacturing, Inc. was incorporated in 1991, with the merger and acquisition of an existing manufacturing company. By expanding target markets, product lines, and manufacturing capabilities, E & H has grown to be able to help many companies with their equipment and design needs. “We are proud to be a West Virginia company with two manufacturing plants in Roane County and our administrative office in Charleston,” said David Haney, president.

E & H hit the ground running by receiving its U-Stamp from ASME and its R-Stamp from the National Board in 1992, giving them the ability to manufacture, repair, and alter coded pressure vessels. They have since built over 8,000 ASME Code pressure vessels. Becoming an ASME shop opened doors to many of the top oil and gas operators in the Appalachian Basin, chemical companies, coal companies, and other industrial concerns.

In 2005, the company began manufacturing pre-engineered stress laminated timber bridges. “Until this year we were limited to only two industrial 40-ton capacity designs,” said Haney. “We are excited to announce that we now have seven pre-engineered designs and have increased flexibility to build custom bridges to meet our customer’s needs.”

With capacities from 11 to 40 tons, they are now able to provide a wider range of commercial and private needs. A rental program is available for temporary jobs. See further details on their website at www.eandhmanufac-

Steel atmospheric storage tanks are another large part of their business. With many standard sizes available, E & H may very well have the tanks you need. If not, they will work with you to design and build a custom tank. E & H meets or exceeds many of the tank building specs in the market to provide a quality tank every time. (See the Tank Specifications Manual on their website,

Custom fabrication services provide stairways, platforms, flanged spools for industrial piping, meter tubes, in- line heaters, regulation/measurement skids, and many other fabricated com- ponents or fully piped and operational skid units.

Experience and diversity give them the unique ability to provide products or services that may be of help to you.

“We feel a responsibility to you and our employees to keep as much work in West Virginia as possible,” Haney stated. “We feel that being a member of the Contractors Association, and being available to assist you any way we can, helps us do that. We look forward to working with you in the future.”

David Haney, President (304) 344-9875

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